Terms and Conditions Individual Tuition

Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions associated with private bookings for individual tuition.


Once a query has been provisionally accepted, an online payment link will be emailed to you. Payment is required in advance to confirm all bookings, therefore immediate payment is standard.

Late Bookings & Payment

No new bookings will be considered with less than 3 clear office days (Mon-Fri) between the enquiry and the requested date of the booking. A minimum of 2 clear office days (Mon-Fri)  are required between payment of the booking and the date of the requested booking.

-made 1 week or more before the event will be refunded in full, less a 10% admin deduction
-made less than 1 week but more than 1 day before the booking is non-refundable, but a full credit will be allocated to take the equivalent booking at an alternative, mutually agreeable time.
-made on the day of the private booking are non-refundable, no credit is available.

Delays & Time Alterations;
-customer requests made prior to the day of the booking to change the time of the booking will be arranged by mutual agreement, all bookings are subject to availability

-delays caused by travel are deemed to be the fault of the party travelling, always allow plenty of time

-customer requests made on the day of the booking to change the time of the booking will be accepted at the sole discretion of The Swing Dance Company, changes depend upon the availability of instructors

-customer late attendance or no-show without prior agreement will result in the lesson being reduced in the length or forfeited accordingly

-instructors will be prepared to fulfil the length of their booking (eg 1 hour) when a delay is caused by The Swing Dance Company or its staff. When customers are unable to accommodate an alteration to fulfil a pre-paid booking and the Swing Dance Company or its staff are at fault, customers will be offered a pro-rata refund.

Health & Safety;
This is a low-risk activity and the teacher will ensure both a safe environment and tuition that does not risk your safety. All activities are undertaken are done so at your own risk and it is your responsibility to inform the teacher if you have any illness, disability or condition beforehand.

What To Wear
We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and flat-soled, non-marking shoes for most classes. We strictly do not allow stilettos or any other footwear that can damage floors when using our own premises or premises that we are responsible for.

COVID-Safe Measures

NHS Test & Trace - Attendees Contact Details
As a condition of any booking, your email address and phone number are required at the time of booking so that we can contact you in the event of a positive COVID test. The organiser should ensure they have contact details for all participants in their party.

Ensure That No Participants Have COVID symptoms…
It’s the organiser’s responsibility to ensure that if any potential participants or anyone they live with is feeling ill or has COVID symptoms, or has tested positive for COVID-19, or has been told to self-isolate, they do not participate.

Please inform us at info@theswingdancecompany.co.uk if any participants receive a positive COVID-19 test result up to 7 days after your session.

No Mixing
Please keep at least 1 metre apart from everybody who is not in your bubble during the class and throughout the time that the visiting party is on-site.

Arrival & Departure
The travelling party should arrive no earlier than 5 mins before the class start time and should leave within 5 minutes of the end of the lesson.

The host should ensure that only pre-agreed participants are present in the lesson space whilst travelling parties are present, and that all surfaces are wiped with virus-killing cleaners before and after the session.

Belongings and Dancewear
Visitors should arrive wearing the clothes and footwear they will be dancing in. For example, the travelling party could change into dance shoes in their car and avoid bringing large bags or heavy coats. Only essential items should be brought into the lesson space. This could include their own hand-sanitising gel and drinks.

Travelling instructors may need to bring audio equipment.
Once in the lesson space, all participants should establish their “spot”, as advised by the host, and retain this position throughout the session. Belongings should be kept next to them.

At the end of the lesson, visitors should leave in an orderly fashion, keeping their 1m distance until all visitors are off-site.

Capacities need to be limited so we can maintain 1m+ distancing AND provide sufficient ventilation. We are aiming to minimise the use of tables & chairs, the instructor may need 1 table and they will wipe this down at the end of the session. Any other furniture used should be wiped down by the person using it. Visiting parties should avoid using the host’s toilets wherever possible.

Wearing of Masks

These are optional and we recommend that students and instructors decide between themselves depending on the circumstances for each lesson.

Other Things We Are Doing
Lowering music levels to reduce the need for projection when speaking. External doors/windows should be open wherever possible to increase airflows.

What Happens If...
If the local area, teacher or any participants are locked down or ordered to self-isolate then the lesson will be postponed to a mutually agreeable slot once the self-isolation period is over.

Accessing Online Videos
Where a teacher is instructing partner lessons without a demonstrator, they may rely on video footage to show a demonstration of the move about to be taught.

Instructors may share a link during the lesson, so if possible, it would be helpful if participants have mobiles available to watch.