Meet the Team

A wonderful and varied group of people from a wide range of backgrounds make up The Swing Dance Company team!

The Swing Dance Company Team 2018

Team Photo at Autumn Swinging Ball in Portsmouth 2018

All our instructors come with experience in the education sector or vast experience with our classes and dancing. Current instructors include Steve, Jo, Rachel, Ruth, Keith, Bob, John and Chris.

The Swing Dance Company has evolved through different structures over the years. In 2018 we are a franchise company. The franchise owners at present are Nicola (Swing Dance Portesham), Lorraine (Botley Swing Dance), Brooke (The Swing Dance Company) and Debbie (Jivecourses). Each runs an independently owned franchise under Swing Dance Partnerships Limited.

The franchise owners or their trained instructors teach the classes. The classes on our courses are run by a lead teacher plus an assistant and volunteers. Swingeasys run with at least 3 staff each evening plus volunteers.

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