Meet the Team

Our team is made up of a selection of wonderful people! Every venue features a lead teacher, assistant plus volunteers. Brooke and Debbie are running the show behind the scenes. Brooke heads the administration whilst Debbie takes charge of lesson planning and teacher training. team

Our team of instructors are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds. All come with experience in the education sector or vast experience with our classes and dancing. Current instructors include Steve, Jo, Rachel, Ruth, Keith, Bob, John and Chris. Lorraine has more direct control as she leads activities in Botley under licence.

Leading The Team

Graduating with an Economics degree from Durham University is not the sort of background that comes to mind when you think of the founder of a dancing company. Neither is being the Commercial Manager for a Racecourse. Then again, entrepreneurs come from a wide range and Brooke Garvey, the founder of The Swing Dance Company, has always strived to make a difference. Combining a love of music, dance and business, Brooke has been a driving force to re-establish swing dance as a community dance in the south of UK over the last 15 years.

Taking a more conventional route to a career in dance, Debbie started learning ballet at the age of 6. Continuing her passion, she graduated from University College, Chichester with a degree in dance. Known for her technical excellence, Debbie is responsible for ensuring that teachers are trained to the highest level. Debbie also arranges class content and lesson planning.

Each venue features a team of highly trained staff. Our team are generally available for private bookings. The whole team comes together to celebrate our seasonal Swinging Balls!

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