Watch Full Course Demonstrations for Every Course Here!

Every new beginner starts with our Absolute Beginners SwingJive course. This includes straightforward, simple footwork with no complicated rhythms to help you build your confidence.

After completing our Absolute Beginners course, the natural progression is to our Intermediate SwingJive level. The Green and Yellow courses can be taken in either order. Both Intermediate courses introduce 6 beat and Charleston rhythms.

There are 3 Inters Plus level courses; Blue, Purple and Orange, these can be taken in any order. These are designed as a follow-on after you've completed both Intermediate courses, building on the basic 6-beat and Charleston rhythms.

There are 3 Advanced level courses, Violet (Autumn term), Teal (Spring term) and Magenta (Summer term). Take a look at the kind of content you can expect on our Advanced level courses...

After completing all of these courses, look out for various workshops and mini-course and keep on enjoying the socials! You can also stay involved as a member of our team, please drop us a message if you would like to find out more.