We believe that social partner dancing gives people healthier, happier lives.

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Feature Events with The Swing Dance Company

Several times each year The Swing Dance Company hosts feature events, including live music from the best bands across the UK & Europe.

All feature events are subject to review due to government guidance.

The longest established Swing Dance Co live music events have been running for nearly 20 years at Portsmouth's Admiral Lord Nelson School and attract the best dancers from across the South.

Similar events have launched in Dorset recently, with Weymouth Pavilion hosting similar live music events.

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Dorset Swinging Ball Returns

The Dorset Swinging Ball returns to Weymouth Pavilion on Sat 4th December 2021! Miss Annie and The Midnight Shift return as the feature band after a wonderful show at the same event in 2019.

Our COVID-Safe plan should fill you with confidence that you can enjoy a splendid evening of dancing and socialising with friends.

Miss Annie & The Midnight Shift logo

This Swinging Themed Ball is open to all, whether you want to spend all night dancing or prefer to kick back and watch the show.

This event will follow a similar format to 2019's hugely popular Dorset Swinging Xmas Ball held in Weymouth Pavilion, a format which has been honed over nearly 20 years of running similar Swinging Balls in Hampshire.

These events attract some of the UK and Europe's finest jive and swing bands.

More Than Just a Live Band Event

Our Swinging Balls are more than just a live band event though. Guests are invited to dress appropriately for retro / festive theme - but keep it light-hearted, this is a theme evening and just for fun! Our team will be busy dressing the venue, especially for the night!

The band will be supported by swinging DJs and a warm-up lesson. The DJ team will play a great mix of swing, rock’n’roll and rhythm and blues music.

Miss Annie & The Midnight Shift

Weymouth Pavilion offers a spacious dance floor, ample seating and tables plus a fully licensed bar. Being located on the seafront the venue offers a fabulous location, beautiful views and a large car park on-site. We expect to attract dancers from all over the South.

Our Swinging Balls have featured some of the finest performers for dancers, acts including The Regular Joes, The Jive Aces, Mike Sanchez, Si Cranstoun, King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys and The Swing Commanders have all appeared at our Swinging Balls over the years. We're confident that this evening will bring just as much joy to attendees.

Key Details of COVID-Safe Plan

This event will run with a COVID-Safe plan to minimise risks. Key points include...

  • Take a lateral flow test before entering
  • Reduced Capacity
  • Social Dance Colour-Coded System
  • No Rotation During Warm-Up Class

Please also read our full COVID-Safe measures further below.

SOCIAL DANCE COLOUR-CODED SYSTEM - A colour-coded system will be in place, so you can visually show whether you prefer to be asked to dance or not. Guests will be able to wear stickers, available on arrival. Green stickers can be worn if you are happy to be asked to dance, red stickers if you don’t want to be asked.

Extraordinary Ticket Cancellation Policy

As attendance may be dependant on a negative test, we're adjusting our cancellation policy.

Everybody who does not attend the event and notifies us by the end of the following day, Sun 5th December, can use the value of their ticket against a future event, so no ticket holder need lose out.

Purchase Tickets from This Page

Tickets can be purchased from this web page. An e-ticketing system operates, you will receive your tickets by email directly after the purchase has been completed. If you don't receive emails in your inbox please check your spam folder before contacting us.

E-tickets can be shown to our door team from your smartphone. Please save paper and only print your ticket out if you are not able to display it on a smartphone on arrival at the event.

Ticket Cancellation Refunds Policy

Full terms and conditions for our events, including Ticket Cancellation Refund Policy, Event Cancellation, Changes To Advertised Line Up, Aborting Events and Transfer of Tickets can be found on the following link. By purchasing a ticket for this event we understand that you accept the terms and conditions detailed on the link.

Terms & Conditions – Dance Events

Full COVID-Safe Measures for Events


Your Contact Details

As a condition of your booking, we will expect you to

  • Test for COVID-19 less than 24 hours before the event.
  • Notify us immediately if you have a positive covid test result after attending the event
  • Supply accurate email and phone contact information so we can notify you if somebody in your group tests positive

If anybody at the event tests positive and informs us, we will inform you directly and we will encourage you to take your own tests. We will not be sharing your data with any 3rd party contacting system, such as NHS Test & Trace. 

Please inform us at info@theswingdancecompany.co.uk if you receive a positive COVID-19 test result.  


Negative Test Prior to Attending

Once you have conducted your COVID test, less than 24 hours before attendance, all attendees should log their negative results via the gov.uk website.

You will then receive a text message, email or notification on the NHS app, which you can present on arrival.

This should provide reassurance to all in attendance, that all others in attendance have made every effort to reduce the risks of transmitting the virus.


Don’t Attend If…

You or anyone you live with is feeling ill or has COVID symptoms, or has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 10 days. Or if you or anyone you live with might be susceptible or has a weakened immune system. 

Refunds will be available up to 2 days before the event and tickets can be rolled over to a future event for anybody who has not attended (even without notifying us in advance).


Capacity & Distancing

Capacity will be reduced to allow more personal space.

A visual sticker system will be employed to allow attendees to indicate whether they are comfortable or not being asked to dance, or with others coming close to their personal space.

However, there will be no formal social distancing requirement due to the nature of the event. The proof of negative lateral flow tests should provide reassurance to attendees of the safety of this event.


Arrival & Departure

Please allow extra time for arrival and use hand sanitization before, during and after this event.


Please Ensure You Register on Arrival

We need to know every person in attendance. The welcome team will have a register, either digital or paper, so please ensure they have noted your admittance.


Wearing of Face Coverings

The wearing of face coverings is now optional, please feel free to wear them for as much or as little as you are comfortable with. 


Other Things We Are Doing

  • No rotation during warm-up class
  • Wiping down surfaces
  • Lowering music levels to reduce the need for projection when speaking. 
  • External doors/windows will be open wherever possible to increase airflows.


What Happens If...

If the local area, venue or key staff are locked down or ordered to self-isolate then the event will be moved on to a future date.

If you, as an attendee, have tested positive, are told to self-isolate, have any COVID symptoms or are unwell you should not attend


We look forward to welcoming you to a safe and enjoyable event.

“Best thing I ever did was to learn to swingjive, I just love it. Thank you for all the great courses, events and swingeasy nights you arange, keep up the good work.” Denise, Fareham

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“Thanks to The Swing Dance Company and the very special team who teach and run the evenings. I can't thank you enough!” Jon W, Fareham