Upcoming Intermediate SwingJive Courses

All courses running in physical locations are currently suspended. Online Intermediate courses are also available to book now.

Planned classes are detailed below with start dates and venues. Use the "Click to Book" link to get to the information and booking page of the class you are interested in.

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If you wish to see exactly what classes and dates are running at each venue you can see a complete grid on this link.

We run TWO 10 week intermediate SwingJive courses, "Green" and "Yellow". The two courses can be taken in either order. They are designed to follow on from our Absolute Beginners SwingJive Course. It is best to complete both of the Intermediate courses before moving on to the Inters Plus level courses.

An Intermediate course is normally the best option if you have been dancing with us for one or two terms. That is you have just completed the Absolute Beginners Course only, or the beginners course plus the other colour Intermediate Course.

We alternate Intermediate courses from one term to the next. If the current term offers one colour, expect the other colour to be available the following term.

Each Intermediate Course contains a similar number of moves to the Absolute Beginners Jive Course. The format and structure continues in the same pattern too.

On the beginners course we keep the footwork simple. Most of the moves on the intermediate course have simple footwork too. However we do add in new footwork rhythms. The six beat rhythm is added early in each Intermediate course, as is the basic Charleston rhythm.

These new rhythms are great because they allow you to keep on dancing without having to keep on spinning all the time! Leaders can do a simple repeated rhythm and give themselves thinking time, ladies get a rest from all the spins!

So if you loved the beginners course you are sure to love the Intermediate SwingJive courses even more!