Learn At Home

So you can’t make our classes? That’s not a problem because you can learn at home! You might consider booking an instructor for a private lesson. Alternatively you can purchase our course DVDs!

Learn at Home with Absolute Beginners SwingJive Course DVD

Absolute Beginners SwingJive Course DVD

In the early days, almost all of our customers attending our classes gave us overwhelming feedback to produce supporting DVDs to help them practice at home. Our DVDs have gone on to become a huge hit around the world.

Brooke & Debbie Garvey, the Swing Dance Company owners and teacher trainers, deliver the instruction on these DVDs, therefore giving you access to the most experienced dancer instructors in this style. This means that the style and content of the delivery on these DVDs is typical of the professional methods used in their classes too. Therefore you can purchase with the confidence that you are receiving a similar learning experience in your own home.

When providing tuition, our philosophy is to go directly to the core of the content which means we aim to reduce superfluous movement to focus on the basics. As a result we focus on communicating the important information like what steps to take and which direction to face throughout the move. Most of all we recognise that many students learn by copying, so we ensure our own movement is accurate and concise.

Catering For All Learning Styles

You will be able to progress easily, no matter what your style of learning. This is because we break down and teach slowly step-by-step, at a rhythm with helpful memory words, with a count and finally with music.

The Swing Dance Company has produced three DVDs to date. The DVDs cover the material on The Swing Dance Company’s phenomenally successful 10 week Swing Jive courses. There is a DVD for the Absolute Beginners Swing Jive course and a DVD each for Intermediate Yellow and Green Swing Jive courses. Both intermediate courses are the same level of difficulty and can be taken in either order.

How to Purchase

You can purchase any or all of the DVDs in our classes and events, or from our merchandising website www.swinggear.co.uk/dvd-s

Leanr at Home with Intermediate Yellow SwingJive Course DVD

Intermediate Yellow SwingJive Course DVD

Learn At Home with Intermediate Green SwingJive Course DVD

Intermediate Green SwingJive Course DVD

Intermediate Plus DVDs in the Pipeline

The Swing Dance Company runs 3 Intermediate Plus level courses, each with different content. Please send us an email via our contact form if you would like to receive a message once Intermediate Plus DVDs have been produced and are ready for sale.