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In order to make our courses available to anybody, wherever you are in the world, we have produced all our SwingJive courses in full and on-demand.

So why don't you give our Absolute Beginners Free Trial class a go now! Just use the button below to head onto our online school, which has its own platform separate from this website,

Currently, the online school operates as a stand-alone website, completely separate from this one. Login credentials and payment gateways are entirely different.

Absolute Beginners Online Course Available Now!

Further related content, including other more advanced classes and related niche dance styles, will be added over time.

Absolute Beginners SwingJive Course - FREE TRIAL

Absolute Beginners SwingJive Course - FREE TRIAL

Start Here if You're a Total Novice - Try Our First Lesson for Free & Get a Discount Voucher for the Online 10 Week Course!

Absolute Beginners SwingJive Course

Absolute Beginners SwingJive Course

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Intermediate Online Courses Available Now!

Intermediate Yellow SwingJive Course

Intermediate Yellow SwingJive Course

Complete An Absolute Beginners SwingJive Course Before Starting This Course

Intermediate Green SwingJive Course

Intermediate Green SwingJive Course

Complete An Absolute Beginners SwingJive Course Before Starting This Course

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Tuition Delivered by Lead Instructors

Brooke & Debbie Garvey, the Swing Dance Company owners and teacher trainers, deliver the instruction on both the online courses and the DVDs, therefore giving you access to the most experienced dance instructors in this style.

This means that the style and content of the delivery is typical of the professional methods used in their classes too. Therefore you can purchase with the confidence that you are receiving a similar learning experience in your own home.

Concise & Accurate

When providing tuition, our philosophy is to focus on the core of the content. We aim to reduce superfluous movement and styling, which can be added later, in order to focus on the core body movement, lead and follow signals, timing and transfer of weight.

As a result we focus on communicating the important information like what steps to take and which direction to face throughout the move. Most of all we recognise that many students learn by copying, so we ensure our own movement is accurate and concise.

Catering For All Learning Styles

Everybody's learning style is different. We each want our own unique blend of visual, aural, verbal, physical and logical content to aid our learning.

Whichever combination of learning styles you crave, you will be catered for in our classes. This is because every move we teach follows 5 stages that cover all learning styles as explained here:

  1. Watch the Move (aids your visual learning) - See a demonstration of the move first so you know what you will be trying to achieve.
  2. Understand the Movement (verbal & physical) - Learn each individual step of each movement with instructors direction, delivered and repeated slowly, with patience, step-by-step.
  3. Rhythmic Call Words (aural) - Once you understand how your body needs to move, we move onto when each step happens within the whole move. We build this up from a slow pace using a rhythm with helpful memory words. This repeats numerous times to give you practice. As you become more proficient we increase the tempo  until reaching typical music tempo.
  4. Understand The Count (logical) - Once your movement is smooth and rhythmical we then show you the count of the move. This especially helps those who are strong logical (and weak aural) learners understand where to be and when during each move.
  5. Practice to Music (aural) - Once we've built up to normal dancing tempo we introduce music so you can put your steps into practice.

From The Archives: Learn At Home with a DVD

  • Absolute Beginners
  • Intermediate Yellow
  • Intermediate Green

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These DVDs were produced between 2003-2008, so the quality of the production is looking aged in comparison to our modern equivalent. They were created to complement participation in a course rather than as a replacement, so whilst they contain tuition they do not provide additional exercises and practice material.

The content is limited to simply teaching the moves back-to-back, whereas our online courses provide the full learning experience including building routines, linking the moves, warm-ups, practice music and guided freestyle.


Learn at Home with Absolute Beginners SwingJive Course DVD

Absolute Beginners SwingJive Course DVD

In the early days of The Swing Dance Company, customers attending our classes gave us overwhelming feedback to produce supporting DVDs to help them practice at home.

In spite of the first Beginners DVD being little more than a student project, our DVDs have gone on to sell in their thousands around the world.

The Swing Dance Company has produced three DVDs. These DVDs cover the material on The Swing Dance Company's phenomenally successful 10 week Swing Jive courses.

Leanr at Home with Intermediate Yellow SwingJive Course DVD

Intermediate Yellow SwingJive Course DVD

Learn At Home with Intermediate Green SwingJive Course DVD

Intermediate Green SwingJive Course DVD