Terms and Conditions - Courses

These terms and conditions apply to events that run over multiple dates. This means all courses and mini-courses over any duration, as well as any series of events where individual events cannot be booked separately, for example, a 10-week run of Class and Dance evenings. To see terms and conditions for one-off events please see this link.

When booking a course, mini-course or workshop, you accept the following;

Advertising or Collecting Data

When attending a Swing Dance Company lesson or event, it is for your personal enjoyment of the activity only. There are no permissions to provide, offer, engage in, advertise or promote anything, whether or not for payment or other rewards. Attendees are not permitted to systematically collect information, including but not limited to phone numbers, email addresses or postal addresses of customers or staff. Any persons whose presence at Swing Dance Company activities could infringe on these conditions, whether intentionally or not, and as decided by The Swing Dance Company owners, will not be permitted to attend any of The Swing Dance Company's activities.


Payment for all courses, workshops, and classes other than the Absolute Beginners Course Free Trial Class is required in advance. Once you have made payment no refunds are available, however, if we cancel a course we will offer the option of a refund or an alternative course.


Class Sizes

Courses and workshops are filled on a 1st-come 1st-served basis and limited according to the capacity of the venue. Courses or workshops with fewer than 12 people by the early booking date may be cancelled.


Partners & Lead / Follow Roles

Neither The Swing Dance Company nor our teachers accept responsibility for arranging dance partners for any lessons.

Partner dance lessons may be either "fixed partner" or "partner rotation" lessons. All partner-dance classes are for "fixed partners" unless clearly stated otherwise.

Fixed Partner Lessons:

  • Participants must find a dance partner before booking.
  • Everyone stays with their partner throughout the class.
  • Single-place tickets are not available.
  • Groups of 3 or more can book together, and they can change partners between themselves, but they should ensure they have a balanced number of leaders and followers as others will dance with their pre-booked partners.

Partner Rotation Lessons

  • Partners change throughout the lesson.
  • Single-place tickets may be available.
  • Individual tickets may be described as "leader," "follower," or "open"."Open" participants can be assigned either the leader or follower role by the teacher.
  • In some cases, with an uneven balance of leads and followers, participants may need to sit out for occasional turns.


All attendees should be aged 18 or over. The pace and structure of tuition are designed for adults, whose learning needs are different from children's.


Health & Safety

It’s your responsibility to inform your teacher if you have any illness, disability, or condition which may affect your safety in class. By paying for a course you agree that all activities undertaken are done so at your own risk.


Course Deferrals

In certain circumstances, a course deferral can be agreed upon, please visit this link to find out more.

12-Month Free Repeat Guarantee

A free repeat guarantee is offered on three courses only: Absolute Beginners, Intermediate Green, and Intermediate Yellow SwingJive 10-week courses only. It does not apply to any other courses, for example, Inters Plus or Advanced level courses, nor any other activity.

The offer is for a free repeat of the same course only.

A course payment is required for the relevant course before a free repeat of that course can be claimed.

The guarantee is limited by its availability. For example, we make no guarantees about which courses will run in which locations, or when. Your free repeat booking must be completed on our registration system before the course reaches capacity.

The free repeat can be claimed on any of the 3 terms directly after the term that you paid for, so for example, if you take a course in an Autumn term, you can claim a free repeat in any one of the subsequent Spring, Summer, or Autumn terms immediately afterward, but not beyond.

The free repeat is non-transferable, it can only be taken by persons who booked to participate in the original course.

Catch-Up At Alternative Locations

To take a catch-up class at an alternative location, please contact our office via the contact form on this website and state your current course and venue, and the alternative venue and date that you would like to attend. Catch-up classes are subject to availability, you will be unable to catch up at an alternative class that has reached its capacity. This will be advised in reply to your request. We make no guarantees about where or when alternative locations operate.

Catch-up classes can only be taken on a like-for-like course and format and within the same term of your booking. It is not possible to take a catch-up class on a different level course or in a different format, for example, Swingeasy.

Catch-up classes are non-transferable, they can only be taken by the persons who are paid participants in a course in the same term.

Free Access to Online Courses

Every person who pays for a course at Beginner, Intermediate, and Inters Plus levels will be provided with a link via our weekly contact emails to enroll in the matching course at our online school. The personalized link includes a discount voucher providing free access. Access is for 12 months from the date of enrollment only. Terms of use for our online school can be viewed here.