Terms and Conditions - Individual Events

These terms and conditions cover all events that are not considered to be a course or mini-course. The terms and conditions apply to all attendees at Swingeasy, practice, social, themed, tea dance, live music events, one-off workshops, and similar.

Ticket Cancellation Refunds Policy

Cancellations received more than 10 clear office working days (Mon-Fri) prior to an event will be refunded in full less a £5 administration fee per transaction. For example, a cancellation request should be received by 5pm 3 Fridays before a weekend dance.

Cancellations received more than 2 clear office working days (Mon-Fri) prior to an event but less than 10 clear working days will be refunded 50% of the value of the tickets plus a £5 admin fee per transaction. For example, a cancellation request should be received by 5pm on the Wednesday before a weekend event, regardless of whether the event runs on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

There are no refunds for cancellations after this time.

There are no refunds available on tickets that are marked for sale with no refunds.

Cancellations will be accepted by email only. Should you wish to cancel your ticket, please notify info@theswingdancecompany.co.uk, the time of receipt of the email will be used to determine the date and time of notification. Refunds will be processed back via the original payment method if possible.


Event Cancellation

The Swing Dance Company reserves the right to cancel an event at any time up to the start time of the event. Should an event be cancelled at any time by The Swing Dance Company, tickets will be refunded for the purchase price of the ticket. The Swing Dance Company does not accept any liability for consequential costs.


Changes to Advertised Line-Up

The Swing Dance Company organises events, often using hired artists. In the case that an artist cancels at any time prior to an event that they are advertised to perform at, The Swing Dance Company will endeavour to arrange a similar alternative performer for the event.

Refunds for events will not be issued due to the cancellation by an artist performing at an event. Standard ticket cancellation terms apply and are detailed above.


Aborting Events

In the case that a Swing Dance Company event is forced to abort once it reaches its advertised start time, no refunds are available.  Examples of causes for aborting an event include, but are not limited, to security or safety issues.


Transfer of Tickets

Should you wish to transfer your ticket to a different named person, please notify info@theswingdancecompany.co.uk more than 1 clear office working day (Mon-Fri) prior to an event and supply your e-ticket to the party you wish to transfer to.

Ticket transfers are accepted at the discretion of The Swing Dance Company.

Advertising or Collecting Data

When attending a Swing Dance Company lesson or event, it is for your personal enjoyment of the activity only. There are no permissions to provide, offer, engage in, advertise or promote anything, whether or not for payment or other rewards. Attendees are not permitted to systematically collect information, including but not limited to phone numbers, email addresses or postal addresses of customers or staff. Any persons whose presence at Swing Dance Company activities could infringe on these conditions, whether intentionally or not, and as decided by The Swing Dance Company owners, will not be permitted to attend any of The Swing Dance Company's activities.