Savings at Swingeasy This Summer!

Swingeasy is our weekly, drop-in, pay-as-you-go format and great savings are available this summer when pre-booking. Swingeasy runs all year round, it is especially popular during the holiday season when our 10 week courses take a break. It’s a wonderful social evening that includes classes and dancing, attracting dancers at all levels of experience.

Savings with Quarterly Pre-Booking for July, August & September

This year we have introduced the option of quarterly pre-payment for Swingeasy at Chichester on Mondays and Fareham on Tuesdays. For the quarter running July 1st to September 30th, special deals are available now. The discounts are generous so you are likely to make great savings even if you are unable to attend for several weeks.

For the deals at each venue please click on the following links

Chichester Swingeasy on Mondays

Fareham Swingeasy on Tuesdays

The pre-payment option is non-transferable, so it must be taken by the named ticket-holder on the dates within the period. Flexible books of 10 tickets remain a popular alternative way to make savings compared to the “on the door” price.

Future of Thursday Swingeasy at Fareham

Following a very busy Spring at Swingeasy in Fareham on Tuesdays, we added a Thursday evening too. This helped spread the demand across both nights and made for a more comfortable experience for all. This has been working well and the Thursdays will continue until 12th July.

No decision has been made about the future of Thursday evenings beyond 12th July. Options include either retaining the Swingeasy evening indefinitely, or taking a break over the holiday period. On returning in the Autumn this could either be with Swingeasy again, or reverting back to our popular 10 week courses.

Any feedback from our local dancers in this area would be welcome, please drop us a message via the contact form.