Social Dancing Reduces Risk of Dementia

The BBC recently reported that nine lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of dementia. By learning to social dance it is a great way to introduce many of these. So you can have it all… have fun now AND maintain improved health for the long term.

Social Dancing Reduces Risk of Dementia

Social Dancing Reduces Risk of Dementia

Learning to social dance can counter eight out of the nine contributing risks to dementia highlighted on the report. The risks were; physical inactivity, high blood pressure, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, social isolation, depression, mid-life hearing loss, education and smoking.

Dancing Keeps You Active & Healthy

As the old saying goes, “healthy body, healthy mind” and staying active through dancing can help give you both. In addition, aerobic activity such as jive and swing dancing can also reduce the risks of obesity, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes.

Social Dance Classes Great for Mental Wellbeing

What better way to stay keep socially active? By finding a dance company with a fun and friendly ethos you can make friends quickly. Beyond the social benefits, social dancing can also alleviate the onset of depression. By staying in the moment, dancing helps you to focus on enjoying and appreciating each and every second, and there’s nothing better than looking forward to a great night out with friends. As a result of the physical activity, you will be releasing feel-good endorphins too.

Lifelong Learning Might Stave off Dementia

Whilst we’re not giving out GCSEs, attending dance classes is a great way to help keep your mind sharp and alert. For many, the practical nature of learning movement in a fun and friendly environment is far more inspiring than sitting in a classroom. The physical and rhythmical nature of learning in a dance class is a great way to give your brain a new challenge.

Swing Dance Community is a Fantastic Environment

And how about smoking? Well joining a dance class won’t stop you from smoking. However, smoking is not the norm among our dancers and you are the sum of the people around you. So if you’re determined to cut down or quit, then try hanging out with dancers for a healthier, smoke-free environment. Learning in a dance class will keep your mind on an amazingly fun & healthy activity instead of letting your mind wonder!

So where does that bring us to? Just “mid-life hearing loss” left on the list… well, 8 out of 9 isn’t bad.

Please click this link to find the BBC article, by Fergal Walsh. Or click this link to find a Beginners SwingJive course near you!