How TSDC Began

This article explains how The Swing Dance Company, or TSDC, began and how it developed from a few friends in a hall to a leading organisation in its field.

Just for fun, Brooke hired a hall and began teaching a few friends. “It was meant to be a one off event” said Brooke, “but it became a weekly fixture”. With a growing community of dancers, Brooke needed to focus full time on TSDC.

A programme of courses was devised and refined to provide an easy route into partner dancing. These Swing Jive courses were an important part of the early history of The Swing Dance Company. Further information can be found on this link.

TSDC soon began arranging weekly practice nights

Dancers on our courses were demanding a place to put there new skills into practice. We were pleased to arrange these and Swingeasy was born. Weekend dances were also in demand, these would often include themes and live music. At the end of each term, an end of term ball was arranged, which quickly developed a fantastic reputation, attracting several hundred dancers.

Of course such a busy operation requires a strong team! The Swing Dance Company has recruited an excellent team of new teachers, DJs and event managers.

The reputation of The Swing Dance Company continues to develop. It has become known for its excellent teaching, an ability to throw amazing parties, knowledgeable DJs, and professional organisational skills. The company receives many requests to provide our services at other events. Our private work has grown to represent a significant section of the company’s activities.