Healthier, Happier Lives

Get Healthier Through Dancing
Dancing helps us to be happier and healthier!

Dancing helps us to be happier and healthier!

We believe that social partner dancing gives people healthier, happier lives. It’s so powerful that we think it should be prescribed. The mental and physical health benefits of getting active, creating and building relationships and learning a skill can be profound. This is why we founded our classes and we continue to reach as many people as possible.

Healthier Living

We have witnessed new groups of friends forming, couples and friends improving their relationships and couples falling in love. Dancers have improved their weight and health related issues after they started social dancing. Recent reports have shown the benefits of music, dance and learning a new skill in reducing the risks of the onset of dementia.

Take your first steps towards a better life. Doing something different can be scary so our own Absolute Beginner Jive Course was created with this in mind. It’s fun, it’s friendly and it’s the easiest entry route into social partner dance. By giving you a free trial, you can see whether we’re a good fit for you before we commit to each other. We want to share with people who appreciate the benefits we offer, and who wish to lead a healthier life.

Fun and Friendly

Our fun and friendly team aim to put you at ease from the moment you arrive. You’ll need to bring a dance partner. For many, a husband or wife is the obvious dance partner but for others this could be another family member, friend or colleague. Spending quality time with your dance partner will help you deepen your relationship with them. It makes no difference whether this is a male/female or same gender dance partnerships.

You will be learning with your partner in groups of about 30 people. With everybody starting out at the same beginner level so there won’t be any intimidating show-offs in class. You may be a little nervous, but our course builds week-on-week, we recap and integrate the material into sequences.

There is plenty of time to socialise with the other like-minded people in your class over the coming weeks. And once you move beyond your first course you will realise there are hundreds of other people just like you.