CHANGES to parking, access & layout at ALN this Sat evening – 12th Oct 2019

For all attending our Autumn Swinging Ball with Si Cranstoun and his band tomorrow evening. We can’t wait for the event – but there are some important changes for this event. Please make sure everyone in your party is aware. ALN School is currently being expanded, so this affects our PARKING, ACCESS & HALL LAYOUT.

All access at this event will be through the Community Entrance, which is at the south end of the car park. There will be no access to the original main entrance, nor through the fire doors into the main hall as these are currently within a building compound.

The Community Entrance is a nice cafe/lobby area and our registration desk will be set up in there. From the Community entrance the corridor will take you to the school canteen end of the corridor outside the Main Hall (opposite to all previous events). Our bar will be in the same space along the corridor as normal. 

The stage will now be set up on the long external wall between the redundant fire doors. As well as easing flow through the entry doors to the main hall, this should give more people a better view of the stage and easier access to the dance floor.


The one way system at ALN no longer exists. 


If you enter from the mini-roundabout we’ve always used in the past there will be about 30 spaces available this weekend. The old one-way road is blocked off about one-third of the way along the old car park, before the old main entrance, so the entry/exit are in the same place now.

CAR PARK 2 – Temporary fix for this weekend

The floodlit Tennis Courts (aka “MUGA” or “Sports Facility”) are being provided as a car park for this weekend, they are located at the same end of the school as the Community Entrance. To access this car park you need to enter the school site in the place we used to exit. Cars will need to park in 4 neat rows, we should have car park attendants to assist but please park sensibly! We have been assured that there will be more parking spaces than normal, but as this is a one-off solution we want you to be fully prepared before you set out.

OTHER NEARBY CAR PARKS – at your own risk

The retail park opposite has a huge car park, which is empty on Saturday evenings. However they will not allow any formal arrangement for users of the school to park and signage does say parking is for users of the retail park. As the site has barriers we advise against using this car park, however should you find yourself in this car park with the barriers down we understand that barriers can be bypassed via the drive through restaurant where there is a permanent exit lane without barriers.

There is another, smaller retail park a short walk to the south across Burrfields Rd. We are told there is a large empty car park and that barriers are never used on this site. Again neither we nor the school have any parking arrangement with them.


A new permanent car park is due to open on the school site next week which will increase the overall capacity. This will be accessible from the original entrance we’re used to using and will be available for all our future events, the next event being Xmas Swinging Ball on 14th Dec.

 This link has more details about the school expansion project and includes site plans which you may find useful.

We thank you for your support with this event and look forward to seeing you tomorrow.