Changes to Booking Emails!

Here at Swing Dance Co HQ we've been working to make our booking email system a bit slicker. We're about to implement changes over the next few days.

We've done a bit of tidying to make them look nicer, and to send fewer emails but with more relevant info.

When making a new booking the following emails will now be issued.

Immediately on completion of the booking and payment:

  • Every person registered on a booking will receive a single email to the email address used for them during the booking process. The email will contain their registration info and a link to their eticket - previously this was sent using 2 separate emails. (Note that if you use the same email address for multiple people, then that inbox will receive multiple emails, one per person).
  • When a payment has been made, the first person registered will receive a payment confirmation email.

1-3 days before the event a reminder email will be sent to every person registered on a booking. The email will contain their registration info and a link to their eticket.

There may also be a "welcome" email after your first booking, which comes through our specialist email provider, rather than our website booking system emails. This is so that we can inform you of any event specific updates, it's a different list to our general mailing list too.

We've introduced this extra list to help us organise our event specific communications. For example staying in touch emails for those waiting to join a new free trial, or weekly updates for those on specific courses.

We welcome all feedback and comments, please drop us a message via our contact form to let us know how it's working for you!