Terms & Conditions – Course Deferrals

In some instances, for example where course participants suffer serious injury or illness within the first few weeks of term and they contact our office straight away we will consider a course deferral.

If you wish to defer your course please apply to us explaining your situation via email to info@theswingdancecompany.co.uk. A deferral is only agreed once a reply email from our office states approval.

At the point that a course deferral is agreed, the booking moves to an “on hold” status where the booking is not associated to any specific course, venue or term. Plans for each term are published with details of venue, dates, times and course levels for each specific course at around the midway point through the previous term. A deferred booking remains “on hold” until it is allocated to a specific course, it can only be allocated to a specific course after details for that course have been published.

Within a context of being financially viable, our priority when planning courses is to provide continuation courses for existing groups. Where slots in the termly program allow we introduce new beginners courses and where demand is recognised we offer related dance styles or more advanced levels. For customers deferring it’s important to note that we cannot guarantee specific levels of classes, times, dates, venues or instructors in any future term.

Once the customer identifies a specific course they wish to attend on a future term they should contact our office via info@theswingdancecompany.co.uk as soon as possible to request that their deferred booking be allocated to the course of their choice. A deferral is treated in the same way as a new booking when being allocated onto a new course, spaces are subject to availability so please contact us early to ensure the application is accepted.