Upcoming SwingJive Super Courses

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So what happens when you've completed all 6 standard 10 week course classes? Those people who have completed the Absolute Beginner Course, both Yellow and Green Intermediate courses plus all three Inters Plus courses tend to request one of the following;

We are also asked to provide other options. We can't run these classes at all times, so look out for a special near you:

  • Repeat Inters Plus -┬áMany people find value in repeating the Inters Pus SwingJive courses. As there are 3 courses over 3 terms, each course is repeated annually. Repeating the course 12 months after taking it for the first time really helps to improve your dancing.
  • Put it all together on the SuperCourse - Our SuperCourse repeats moves from all 6 courses and links them together in different ways. The are some new moves but the focus is on improving your dancing with the moves you already know. The Supercourse is designed for those who have completed all 3 Inters Plus courses.
  • Make it Slick at Practice Sessions - Practice sessions don't include any formal lesson, but music plays throughout so you can put your moves into practice. Our instructors are present to offer informal coaching, ideal if you want to get some technique tips. Anybody can attend the practice session, there is no pre-requisite.
  • Related Dance Styles - Learning new material in related dance styles is always popular. Our SwingJive courses are a natural pathway onto styles such as Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa and Jazz Strolls and we can show you how to link into them seamlessly. There is no pre-requisite so anybody can take courses in these related styles, but we recommend that new dancers follow our programme of 10 week SwingJive courses first.

The SwingJive Super Course is the perfect follow on for most people who have completed 6 or more terms and includes a range of SwingJive moves.

Many of our dancers continue on the SuperCourse term after term due to the wealth and variety of material. Instructors bring together material from all the previous courses, add some new variations and popular moves, touch up with technique. There is also plenty of time to put your dancing into practice.

The SuperCourse brings together all the material from all three Inters Plus level courses as well as Intermediate Level Courses and Beginners. It touches on all the moves you will have learned, putting those moves into sequences, developing your technique and learning interesting new variations. Plenty of free practice time allows you to add the moves to your existing repertoire.

Super Course

SwingJive Super Course content

The SwingJive Super Course builds on what you have learned at the lower levels. This level gives you new techniques. You will learn tips for responsible social dancing. Variations on the moves you know and there are new moves including the occasional flashy dip or lean.

We're always referring back to moves you have already learned so you'll never forget them. Every time we show you a new move we will draw on moves that you already know to create new sequences. This course shows you how to extend those old moves and create links between moves that you haven't seen before.

We still maintain the popular format and structure of the 10 week SwingJive Courses. If you enjoyed those courses, the Super Course will be a joy.

For more information about our series of 10 week courses please visit this link.