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Bulk Buy 10 Undated Swingeasy Vouchers - Pay Now, Select Dates Later

If you like the idea of pre-paying for undated Swingeasy spaces that allow you, or your partner or friends, to book any future Swingeasy dates, then you've come to the right page.

Swingeasy regulars prior to 2020 will recall our "Books of 10 Tickets", which could be purchased and then used in subsequent weeks. Tickets were transferrable, so whether you were buying for yourself, a partner or a group, they offered great value.

This delivers exactly the same benefits but through our online payment and registration system.

What You Need To Do...

  1. Click on the button below, it will take you to a payment page where you can make a purchase with a voucher code (just like buying a book of tickets in the old days)
  2. The voucher code will be emailed to you within 2 working days, keep the code safe! (like keeping the tickets safe until you need to use them)
  3. When you are ready to book your places you should go to the Swingeasy event booking page before arriving at the venue, then select the dates that you wish to attend and apply your voucher code during the checkout process (like signing in and handing over your tickets on arrival in the old days)

The code will be valid for 10 uses (in total) for any person(s) on any date at Swingeasy Fareham up to 31st July 2024.

In Short...

Pay via the link above and you will receive a voucher code by email

Return to the Swingeasy booking page to book your places on the specific dates prior to each visit.

All 10 places must be used by 31st July 2024, no refunds.

Consider This Alternative For Reduced Admin - Book Once At The Best Rate!

While the pre-booking system above reintroduces our "Books of 10" for the modern age, the most cost-effective and lowest admin method is to purchase the season ticket on the Swingeasy Fareham event booking page.

By selecting the option listed "All sessions to 31st July 2024" on the Swingeasy booking page here, you will book just once and appear on every register. As well as reducing your admin, your dance evenings could cost as little as £4.23/evening!