Lindy Hop Courses

There is a blossoming lindy hop scene in Hampshire, more people are learning and dancing Lindy Hop than ever before.

If you’re new to lindy, then our 3 week Intensive Beginners Lindy Hop Course is a quick and easy way to get you up and running with the basics.

Lindy hop is one of the most challenging styles of dance to learn, accomplishing the basics takes a degree of determination. There are basic footwork rhythms, unique body and styling positioning as well as lead and follow technique to learn early on. Quick learners or those with experience in other dance styles tend to cope best with lindy hop.

The rewards come when you are able enjoy a social dance using this incredibly free and expressive dance style that encourages personal interpretation.

If you have never danced before we recommend that you start with our Jive Courses instead. Starting with Absolute Beginners, our series of 6 SwingJive courses were designed to take people from zero to lindy hopper at a steady pace. The thorough tuition on the SwingJive courses allows time to build up general dancing technique and confidence over time.

The majority of social lindy hop dancers and lindy hop teachers in the Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey have participated in our 10 week Swing Jive courses or attended Swingeasy early in their dancing education before progressing on to lindy hop, which shows that our pathway to lindy hop is a great route to take.

If you are ready to learn lindy hop then we have the classes for you! A series of lindy hop courses has been created, starting with lindy hop fundamentals at beginner level. These courses are normally taught as a 10 week course, but sometimes they are run as intensive mini-courses when the opportunity arises.

Swing Jive Courses

Structured Lessons Accommodate all Learning Styles

Many independent lindy hop teachers are simply enthusiastic dancers who want to share their love, but lack in teaching and organisational expertise. Our instructors are great teachers as well as having a love for lindy hop. They have followed a rigorous training programme and built up many years of experience to deliver clear and positive instruction in a fun and friendly environment.