COVID-Safe Measures for SwingJive Classes - Updated 29 July 2022

All COVID-related legal restrictions have been lifted, but the safety of our staff and customers remains a priority.

In order to run our classes in the safest practical way, the following measures and guidance is in place:

Don’t Attend If…

You feel ill or have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 5 days. 

Distancing in Class

We will limit capacities to ensure sufficient spacing and ventilation in class. 

Arrival & Departure

Please aim to keep a reasonable distance from others on arrival and departure. 

Dance on Your Spot

Please check your position and make sure you don’t get too close to a neighbouring couple.

What Happens If...

If the local area, venue, teacher or demonstrator are locked down or required to self-isolate then the course will be paused until we can resume.

If you, as an attendee, have tested positive or are unwell you should not attend

Everybody will be given access to enrol on the equivalent online classes, so you can continue to learn even if you are unable to attend. 

The free repeat course guarantee will continue to be available too, but refunds won't be available.

Accessing the Online Course

Paying participants on location-based Beginners, Intermediate and Inters Plus SwingJive courses will be sent a personalised link to access the matching online course.

On clicking this link, you will be taken to the online course booking page with the voucher code applied. The voucher is for a 100% discount. You simply need to complete your registration to enrol on the online course.

If you've not used before then you'll need to create an account as part of this process. 

You'll see that the course is available in “My Online Courses” when you are logged in. 

The online content can be streamed from any web-based platform, so you should be able to access the lessons from any device using any browser, simply login to your account and get going with the course!