Botley Swing Dance

Lorraine Carver can be credited with being the first person to suggest that The Swing Dance Company be developed as a franchise, she was also the first person to operate under licence when taking over classes in Botley, near Southampton, in 2011.

Lorraine loved The Swing Dance Company classes when she joined about 5 years before becoming a licencee, as a participant many years ago. As with many enthusiastic dancers she was keen to start teaching after completing the courses as a student a couple of years later. Having expressed her interest in taking over her regular class, this pilot was set-up in 2011 and it has provided a valuable tool for The Swing Dance Company.

With the creation of Swing Dance Partnerships Limited in 2018, Lorraine now operates Swing Dance Botley as an independently owned franchise to Swing Dance Partnerships Limited, and using The Swing Dance Company brand.