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Learn to dance to swing and rock’n’roll music from home with this series of SwingJive Courses on DVD. SwingJive is the easiest way to start dancing with your partner to your favourite swing, rock’n’roll and rhythm’n’blues music. No previous experience is necessary.

Scroll down to see the moves you can learn and for a clip of tuition taken from the DVDs. By learning from these DVDs you will be able to get up and dance at parties and events, it doesn’t take many moves to look like an expert!

This clip shows a demonstration dance displaying the moves which are taught on the Absolute Beginners Jive Course DVD

The Absolute Beginners Jive Course instructional dvd contains detailed instruction of the moves taught on The Swing Dance Company’s Absolute Beginners Jive Course. The Absolute Beginners Jive Course was designed to enable people with no previous dancing experience to start dancing to swing and rock’n’roll music, the style of dance and the moves taught on this course are easy to learn. Every single one of the 10,000 and counting (previously) non-dancers who have joined a course in the Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey area were able to learn enough moves to get up dance by the end of the course.

This clip shows a demonstration dance displaying the moves which are taught on the Intermediate Yellow SwingJive Course DVD

This clip shows a demonstration dance displaying the moves which are taught on the Intermediate Green SwingJive Course DVD

The Absolute Beginners Jive DVD was created in 2006 as a response to customers who were taking The Swing Dance Company’s courses, but who wanted an extra resource to help them learn at home, it has gone on to sell over 3,000 copies. The content has been presented in such a way that learning can be undertaken solely by using the DVD, it is not necessary to attend a class.

Every move is taught step-by-step. The instructors break the moves down, then bring them back together using a rhythm and a count before dancing the moves to music. Learning from a DVD is great because you can pause and repeat that critical moment over and over again. The DVD presents the moves from different angles and uses picture-in-picture to get close-ups of those all important hand holds.

Instruction is provided by the very best Swing Jive teachers. Brooke Garvey, who created the Absolute Beginners Swing Jive Course in 2001 and founded The Swing Dance Company the following year is joined by his wife Debbie, whose has not stopped developing her dance education since the mid-1980s. Technically outstanding, her jive and swing dancing is informed by her ballet training and degree in Dance. The couple co-ordinate the training of all Swing Dance Company instructors.

This clip is taken from the DVD. It shows Arm Jive, Turn and Return, which is a good starting point for all jivers!

Music on the DVDs is written and performed by “The Cadillac Kings”, “The Jive Aces” and “Ocean’s 7” with their permission.